Bible School

After leaving Bible School in England Malcolm Smith went to Westminster Chapel in London where he became an understudy to one of the last centuries greatest Bible expositors Dr Martin Lloyd Jones.

Bishop Malcolm Smith has since been teaching the Bible to all denominations for over fifty years. He now runs the Malcolm Smith Bible Institute nr San Antonio in Texas USA.

We strongly recommend that you request the product list of all of Malcolm Smith’s material


In the west there is a plethora of Christian resources available to all who have cash. However Christians in many third world countries are disqualified from these resources by a negative economy, restricted internet connections, and in many countries services such as paypal are non operational.

Taking into account the above factors, the executive committee of Glory to God (International) have decided to make The Glory Bible School available to all students world-wide regardless of their financial status.

Module 1 – How to read the Bible

Module 2 – How to read a book

Module 3 – How to observe a passage

Module 4 – How to interpret a passage

Module 5 – How to correlate a passage

Module 6 – How to apply a passage

Module 7 – Wise Man

Module 8 – Wise tongue

Module 9 – Wise worker

Module 10 – Setting your mind on Christ

Module 11 – Jesus Lord of the mind

Module 12 – The fingerprint of God